Saturday, 17 December 2011

Meet the People Session

Mummiee is having a massive annual gathering and she thinks it's a great opportunity for me to socialise with her kinds (read: humans).

Awww... nooo... mummiee please don't give me away as a present!
NO! NO! Don't pick me! Point your fingers away!
Touch me and I'll beam you with my green lantern eyes!
Ok folks, is it my turn to choose yet?
I pick this! Green, just like my power eyes!
Told you I'm the best gift ever! I merged in even better!
Are we done yet? Are we done yet?
No? I'm tired.. Humans are so indecisive *tsk tsk*
*yawn* I should probably take a nap
* snuggle*
Wake me up when you guys are done
Finally! I've gotten myself a present!
Help! I'm Stuck!

Everyone ready?
Here comes my green beam! *ka chooow*

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